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Music. Movement. Imagination!

The idea for Small Sounds was hatched while I was a preschool teacher; I introduced "Djembe the Drum" to my 4-year-old students. We had to "wake up" Djembe using the magic words and then the music could begin. Seeing how much fun they were having I started to bring in my guitar and other instruments to add to the party.  

What started as an act of self-preservation to keep a classroom full of preschoolers entertained soon blossomed into a daily routine spending afternoons as hungry alligators, treasure hunters and wild monkeys.


The kids would come back singing our made-up songs and ask me to play them again (if i could remember them!)

So between changing diapers, daily lessons and snack times

I began recording quick ideas of songs into my phone that unbeknownst to me at the time would become a

full-length album.


I eventually stopped teaching preschool to focus on creating

music classes and what would eventually turn into "Small Sounds."

"Music, Movement, Imagination" became the motto and the goal was to create an experience where kids could be social, get immersed in music, and be physically active. My wife eventually got roped into the whole deal because she's a good singer and a cool person. 


Even though we do more than classes nowadays those core principles remain at the heart of Small Sounds.  

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